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Arranging a funeral in advance can be a worthwhile experience despite the impact your own life will have on those you love. Of all the ways one can express love, one of the most thoughtful involves funeral planning before the need arises. It's not an easy thing to talk about. But wouldn't you rather plan now and spare those you love unnecessary hardship and complication in their time of grief?

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

"If my death occurred tomorrow...
  • Who would arrange my funeral?"
  • Where would the money needed to pay for my funeral come from?"
  • How much would my funeral cost?"

The Advantages of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

John Ireland Funeral Home employs Licensed Pre-Arrangement counselors who can help you pre-plan your funeral and make it an easy and stress-free process, guaranteeing that your wishes are carried out. We also have multiple payment plans available.

  • Pre-planning is like a gift you give to your family that they’ll appreciate during a very emotional time.
  • Your preferences regarding the funeral home, service, church, and cemetery are assured and relieves your family from having to make those decisions.
  • By choosing the service and merchandise you want, you prevent your family from overspending during an emotional time.
  • Regrets, disagreements and or unfulfilled wishes are avoided with pre-planning.
  • The only decisions your family would have to make during such an emotional time are the day and time of service for the funeral.
  • The costs of your services and the merchandise you select are frozen with pre-planning and you can be assured the cost of the funeral will be covered at the time of death.
  • Prepaid funeral plans are exempt from any liquidation of assets in the possible event of long-term health care costs and can be retained for the services agreed.

For more information about our pre-planning services we provide two easy to use options;