Kimberly Dawn Swofford, 3:00 PM, Saturday, November 11, 2017


Kimberly Dawn Swofford, 53, passed away peacefully on November 1st surrounded by family and friends. After more than 50 days in ICU, her little body could take it no more and we had to let her go. Throughout her life Kim brought love and joy to all those who knew her. We will all fondly remember her unique laugh, her contagious smile and her beautiful voice. From the earliest age Kim was passionate about music. Whether it was Elvis Presley, Olivia Newton John or Carrie Underwood, the music that shaped her life was food for her soul. She herself was a gifted singer, songwriter and pianist. She invited into her home disadvantaged neighborhood children to whom she regularly taught piano. Music was Kim's life. It gave her a sense of purpose. Kim was a member of Five Star Faith Center where she was able to share her passion for music as well as her love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. According to Kim's church friend Barbara, “She expressed her strength and love for Jesus Christ and others through her music, which always left the person listening, full of hope for a better life.” For that reason, Kim especially loved the comforting words of Psalms 91. Yet, for all the love and joy Kim brought to those around her, her own life was indelibly marked by suffering. From the age of nine months, when she had emergency open heart surgery, to her passing, Kim spent her life in and out of hospitals, hoping the next surgery would be her last. In 2004 such a promise was made to her. It was presented as the cure-all surgery which would solve all of her problems. Unfortunately it nearly cost her her life and left her severely disabled. For 13 years Kim struggled in pain to be the happy-go-lucky person she always had been. After the passing of her mother in 2016, Kim decided she wanted a new beginning free of pain and sought out the surgeon she felt would make her normal again. We all had such high hopes for Kim, but despite our prayers, this indeed would be her last surgery. Kimberly is preceded in death by both her father, Joel David Swofford, Sr. and her mother, Beverly Carlene Swofford. She is survived by her brother, Joel David Swofford, Jr., of Norman. Kim will remain an inspiration to all of us for her courage and strength in the face of bitter adversity. Kim was a fighter like no other and she will be greatly missed. We will remember the love and the devotion she showed each of us, as well as her love of life, but we should also remember Kim as someone whose calling was to sing praise to the Lord. Kim’s Pastor and Apostle, Tara and Russell, “We were looking forward to her singing again, but she wasn't feeling up to it. She was still listening to God and was in the process of writing a new song. She said when it was completed, she would sing it for us. I am now looking forward to hearing that song in Heaven with the angels backing her up on vocals. It will be a Glorious time.” A memorial service to celebrate Kim's life is planned for Saturday, November 11th at 3:00 pm at Southgate Baptist Church in Moore.


J. Moore/Volunteer commented on 05-Nov-2017 09:05 AM
To the Family of Kimberly Dawn Swofford,
So sorry to learn about the loss of your Dear Loved One, Kimberly. Please know that so many people share your grief with you to help you through this difficult time of sorrow. Please accept my deepest condolences as we await the time when Christ Jesus will awaken all of those who have fallen asleep in death; including your Beloved, Kimberly.
(John 11:41-44)
Diane Moore commented on 06-Nov-2017 09:26 PM
My sincerest condolences to all who loved sweet Kim. Her bright light touched many and she will be greatly missed. The obituary was beautifull written and honored her life with deeply felt love. Kim was beautiful, like her mother, who was my adored cousin. I miss and love you all and with I could be with you at this time.
Victoria Mace commented on 07-Nov-2017 10:02 AM
Dear Family, you are on my mind daily as I try to comprehend Kim's passing. My heart is burdened with.
great sadness. Yet, at the same time I'm confident in her current joy and peace. Kim will ALWAYS be in my heart and part of me. There isn't enough room to tell you our adventures and discussions. I loved my cousin and always will. I love you family and am constantly praying for your joy and healing. Warmly, Victoria
Tiffany Hamblin commented on 03-Jan-2018 02:23 AM
Still trying to really grasp that you've gone. I miss you Kimmy, so sorry we didn't get closer when we could. Love you all, wish we were closer
God Bless


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