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In Remembrance of Kenneth Gene Schiwart Jr.

July 19, 1983-August 07, 2018

Our son, grandson, uncle, father and brother, Kenneth Gene Schiwart Jr. was taken from us unexpectedly on Tuesday, August seventh, 2018.The person we all knew as, “Kenny,” is survived by his daughter, Melanie Jewel, his parents, Victoria Christine Harkins and her husband, Lonnie Wayne Harkins, both of Moore OK.His father, Kenneth Gene Schiwart Sr. and his wife Sonya Schiwart, both of Prague, OK.Kenny is also survived by his three brothers, Lonnie Wayne Harkins Jr., Christopher Michael Harkins and his wife Rachely Caridad Harkins, and Chase Ryan Harkins.Also, his brothers, Waylin Schiwart and his wife as well as William Schiwart and Walker Schiwart.His sisters include, Abigail Bellaire, Gabriele Bellaire, and Meghan Bellaire.

Kenny was a beloved grandson to Kenneth Schiwart and his wife, Kathy Schiwart, both of, Wilburton, OK.Also, Max Carlson Barfelz and his wife, Joan Christine Barfelz, both of OKC.And Robert Russel Holetzky and his wife, Kathy Holetzky, both of Mokena, IL.And Stella Merle Harkins, of OKC.Kenny was a beloved Uncle to Kiley Marie Harkins, Chase Ryan Harkins Jr. as well as to Christopher Michael Harkins Jr., Rachel Michelle-Elizabeth Harkins, and Xander Lazarus Harkins.Kenny's Aunts and Uncles include, Robert Russel Holetzky Jr. and his wife, Caren Holetzky.Christopher Richard Holetzky, and his wife, Melissa Holetzky.His Uncle Mark Harkins and his wife, Kayla Harkins, and Mark's sister Tracy Combs and her husband Terry Combs.As well as countless cousins and friends.Unfortunately, Kenny was preceded in death by his grandfather, Roy Earl Harkins, beloved husband to Stella Harkins.

Each of Kenny's brothers wish to share a memory, beginning with Lonnie.“One year I begged my parents to go with Kenny to the State Fair with him and his friends.Of course, his friends didn't want a, “Little Brother tagging along.”Kenny guilt tripped me into riding the Zipper with his friend, David, while he bailed out himself.After the first flip of the car, I slid out from under the seat safety bar, and landed against the cage door.After the car regained the upright position, I was able to get back in the seat and held on for dear life, for the next two minutes, the longest of my life!The first words out of Kenny's mouth after the ride were, “If you ever want to go with me again, you better not tell Mom and Dad!”

Christopher shared these memories.“My most pleasant memory of my brother was when three of us, Kenny, Lonnie, and myself, would all watch wrestling together.Another memory was when Kenny and I would wrestle in our grandmother's swimming pool, and he would always beat me up.I never seemed to be able to win in the pool.Another memory was catching Kenny, sitting on the couch, watching the Food Network.When I asked him why he was always watching the Food Network he replied, “Because I can't get fat from watching the food.It also made me happy to see him playing with my children around the house.He said he was also proud of me for going into the Air Force.It made feel like I'd made the right decision.

Chase shared this memory.“I can remember one day on our way to work, the roads were icy, and I passed a car doing sixty-five MPH.Kenny expressed his concern at how fast I was driving, and how I was coming up behind all the other cars on the highway.When I came up on a car that was driving for the conditions, and I wanted to pass it to get on to work, Kenny grabbed for the, “Oh s***! bars”, and held on for dear life.When I looked, I saw that Kenny was the most frightened I've ever seen him in my life.As we passed that car, we went into a spin at sixty-five, and continued spinning on down the road.When we finally regained control of my truck, we were traveling at thirty, and Kenny yelled at me, “Holy s***!I can't believe we didn't wreck the truck!You know you can't drive that fast in these conditions!”Driving safely, we finally made it to work, arriving before our mother.”

These are our fondest memories of Kenny.We share them with you, to show what a very special young man he was.He will always live in our hearts and memories and will continue to inspire our smiles and laugh


Visitation will begin on Thursday at 5:00 PM at the funeral home.Funeral Services for Kenny will be at 10:00 AM, Saturday, August 11, 2018 at the Chapel of John Ireland Funeral Home, 120 S. Broadway, Moore, Ok.



Christine Shields commented on 10-Aug-2018 11:47 AM
Kenny is by far the best co-worker and friend I've known. He always took time to help make my job easier. He would always lend a listening ear or shoot the hard truth straight to me. Either way his words have always been just what I need to hear. I use to joke with him and tell him " It's slick-mouth 101 and I am being taught by the master!" Which now I will always cherish that smile from him that followed. That's how I will remember Kenny. Until we meet again please know you are loved and missed great friend.

My prayers are for Kenny's Family, the ones I have not met and the ones I have, Chase and Vicki. I know I haven't seen you since our days at Electro but know you are in my thoughts, prayers and heart. If there is anything I may do to help please let me know.


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